Built for companies developing online software.

DeepQA use’s A.I. to automatically test your web app.

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What We Do

DeepQA automates UI testing for any online company using artificial intelligence

How can DeepQA help?

The Problems

Tests are slow to run.

DeepQA can spot a UI bug without human intervention meaning QA engineers and developers can concentrate on more important tasks.

Tests keep breaking.

DeepQA can adapt to your changing UI automatically. Tests don't break and you can trust the results.

Writing tests takes time.

DeepQA can automatically write tests so that your developers and QA engineers don't have to.

Tests don’t integrate into workflow.

DeepQA integrates into your existing workflows making testing seamless.

Our Services

AI solutions for testing.

Test Creation

DeepQA automatically creates UI tests for online web apps. There is no need for human intervention as the A.I. does the hard work.

Test Maintenance

In the future, as your UI updates, there is no need to maintain tests as the A.I. will adapt to your changing UI.

Detailed Reports

DeepQA produces detailed reports of bugs, including screenshots and previous passes.

Industries We Serve

Ensure reliable software.

No matter the business, DeepQA has your UI testing covered.

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We understand the complexities and importance of software testing.

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